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Xmas Camp 2022

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This e-learning program is designed to support your children to develop a full spectrum of thinking and communication skills, and to sharpen their abilities in English listening, speaking, reading, and writing!

PREPARE for the Next Competition!

Join the 4th International Parliamentary Debate Competition for students aged 10 - 18 in the Greater Bay Area and the Belt & Road Regions, January 28-29, 2023.

This online event is a great opportunity for you to meet and compete with peers from around the world. We have separate leagues for beginner and experienced debaters – so everyone is welcome to participate!

Don’t forget to enroll in our Competition Bootcamp to sharpen your skills and prepare for the Competition (IPDC).

Register for the 4th IPDC

To assist students with the best preparations for the 4th IPDC competition, we specially provide Competition Boot Camp for IPDC registrants.

Your child will know how to perform well in the IPDC competition, with our experienced coach trained and some debating techniques in one go.

Click the button below to check the schedule and get ready for the IPDC Competition in Jan 2023.

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Speech & Debate
(Age 5-18)

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Speech & Debate (Age 5-18)

Wouldn't it be great if your children could learn more about the world while gaining confidence and critical thinking skills?

At See Change, we adopt a highly-interactive approach to engage students to see the world with a critical eye and then to speak persuasively. Through our proprietary program and interdisciplinary approach, students will gain critical 21st-century skills:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Logical reasoning

Each lesson consists of the following, all conducted in a fun and engaging way:

  • Short drills targeted at specific skills and techniques, such as elocution, contention building, rebuttal and weighing
  • Technical and analytical exercises
  • Brainstorming sessions with peers
  • Guided mock debates

Topics of discussion include policy, technology, environmental issues, science, history and culture, etc. Students will be empowered in academics and argumentative essay-writing and will learn to engage with the world around them in a meaningful way.

Analytical Reading & Writing

In this course, students will delve into literature from the four corners of the world, from ancient times to the present day.

The course will teach them key analytical reading and writing skills such as making inferences based on existing knowledge and evidence, using descriptive writing techniques such as metaphor and alliteration and making predictions about what will happen next in a text. All these skills are crucial to developing students' abilities to read and write with a critical mind.


Model UN Camp

Learn about global issues, build leadership skills, develop life skills in negotiation and persuasion, and collaborate with students from other schools and countries in our Model UN program!

Our Model UN Camp is a unique, engaging program that allows students to travel the world by exploring pertinent global issues. Through participation in Model UN simulations, students will be empowered to explore the world, analyze situations from various perspectives, and tackle societal issues in Global Health, Economics Policy, International Relations, Women in Leadership, Science & Technology, and Climate Change & Sustainability, while building on persuasive communication and advanced public speaking. Since each week focuses on a different topic, students are encouraged to attend multiple camps!

Science & Nature

In this Science & Nature camp, students will be guided to make assumptions, test their hypotheses, and develop a deep sense of curiosity as they see the magic in science, maths and logic that’s hidden in the natural world around us.

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